Glass Jars With Lids

Glass Jars With Lids

I would like to take my hat off to the ubiquitous and modest Glass Jars With Lids.

They are household items that are very often overlooked.   When packing to move house recently I was amazed by the number of different items I had stored in glass jars with lids.  The jars I found contained:

glass jars with lids

Glass Jars With Lids

  • Mechanical items such as nuts screws washers and bolts.
  • Wood screws.
  • Items of haberdashery
  • Beads and other craft items.
  • Items of jewellery.
  • Pins and needles

Another thing that can be done with glass jars with lids is to transform them to have another use.  One of the most popular is as a candle holder.  You could buy a long wick and some wax and make your own candle. Remember to use low melting point wax and a wick that is not to thick otherwise the candle will generate too much heat and the glass jar could shatter. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly packaging then glass jars with lids fit the bill perfectly.  The reason for this is that glass can be reused an unlimited number of times unlike plastic which can only be recycled a few times due to a break down of the plastic’s structure. If you use a lot of prepared sauces bought from the supermarket then you are going to have a lot of glass jars with lids


knocking around to use.  I have 4 favourite methods of recycling glass jars and here they are:

1- Flower Vase: Glass jars make great flower vases and they  can be decorated to match any color scheme.
2- Paint Pot: When filled with paint and the job is done or postponed you can just screw  the lid back on and the paint will stay fresh ready for whey you resume painting.
3- Piggy Bank: Jars make great savings containers. Basically you cut a opening in the top and you pop your change in Before long you could have a nice little stash of money that you could use to buy that small luxury you have had your eye on.
4- Plant Pot: With the lid removed you can fill with soil and plant a small plant.  Remember to add some pebbles in the bottom of the jar first for drainage.
Finally if you are looking for more specialised glass jars with lids then you are sure to find some online.  There are many retailers that offer glass jars with lids for every function and at a variety of prices to meet every budget.