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Ball Mason Jars

Ball Mason jars are made of glass for preserving food. It was named after Rick Mason who invented mason jars in 1858.

They are generally used for canning fruits in shape of jam, marmalade, pickle etc. Ball Mason jars feature two-piece cover, an inner flat metal or glass cover and an outer screw on ring. The ring holds the inner lid tightly which results in a partial vacuum environment inside the jar sealing the jar until opened. Spare lid and rings are available so the jar can be reused. Ball Mason jars provide the most styles of canning jars than any other brand and fulfil everyone’s every need.


History of Ball Mason jars
The first ball mason jars used sealing wax to close the lid. The sealing wax was poured on the lip of the jar that would hold the lid. It was a complicated process and had many errors but still was very popular because people had no other choice. But the most successful of all the ways of closing the jar was the screw on lid. Jars of all types and in all shapes were then lidded in this way found, by Rick Mason.

Collection of Ball Mason jars
Antique Ball Mason jars are searched for by most jar collectors. Ball mason jars are collected, sold and bought at varying prices. The value of a ball mason jar increases with its rarity, age and the condition it is at the present. Some rare ball mason jars are cobalt blues and blacks pricing from few dollars to several thousand dollars. Most people collect mason jars because its hand-down from mother or grandmother that keeps their memory alive and reminds of their love.

Necessity of Ball Mason jars
Ball Mason jars are used in the home for canning and storing food. The fresh garden produces cannot be refrigerated so are canned. The band is screwed loosely on the lid to allow the gases and air molecules escape and then heat sterilized or water bathed to pressurize the jar, that is why jars are usually popped up, it helps to hold the lid tightly keeping the canned food fresh and stopping it from taking the smell from the environment for example if a sweet is stored next to an onion jar, they do not mix. When removed they are allowed to cool and stored for a very long time.

Ball Mason jars used in war
Ball Mason jars are used as cluster bombs in wars, The safety pin of a hand grenade is pulled out and then the grenade is placed inside the jar so that the lever is kept pressed, stopping it from a premature explosion.


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