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How To Use Small Glass Jars With Lids


    Small glass jars with lids have some unique charm in them. Although they are already one of the older storage containers being used, they can still look modern because of their simplicity and cleanliness. Small glass jars with lids are the perfect choice for storage is that they are very convenient to reuse and recycle. These things can be used to store almost any kind of items, both for food and non-food.

Small glass jars with lids can be easily reused, all you need to do is to thoroughly wash them using soap and

small glass jars

hot water. Make sure that you completely wash off the

labels or stickers from the bottle. You can also decorate these jars using wrapping paper or personalised stickers and you have a nice gift to give away. You can also use these glass jars to organise some of your things and save money instead of buying a new organiser. Here are some other ideas on how to use small glass jars with lids.

One of the most common uses of small glass jars with lids is to use them as storage for herbs and spices. You can then just buy herbs and spices in bulk and easily store them in your glass jars.

Alternatively, you can also use large glass jars if you need to store more items and store the lesser variety on the small ones.

Small glass jars with lids can also be used to organise sewing and other crafting supplies. These small glass jars are perfect for storing items such as threads, zippers, buttons and other sewing supplies. This is a good alternative instead of buying a sewing organiser that has different compartments for all your sewing things, which in time may not be that useful as your supplies grow more.

Another great way to use these small glass jars with lids is for keeping yours or your daughter’s hair accessories such as bands, hair ties and clips. Storing these things in these small glass jars can make your closet shelf appear more organised and neat. This can help you find the things you need much faster. However, as a precaution, you may not want to use these glass jars when your daughter is still small enough to handle fragile objects. It would be advisable to use plastic containers until she is old enough to properly handle breakable jars. Aside from keeping hair accessories, you can also use these small glass jars with lids for storing screws, pins and nails. These items are small and are best kept in tightly sealed containers.

Last but not the least is using these small glass jars with lids for storing your


homemade candies, cookies and snacks. So instead of buying a cookie jar, why not just re-use a small glass jar and save some money. These small glass jars with lids are best for storing small quantities of these delicious snacks.


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