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Different uses for small glass bottles

There are many different uses that you may find for small glass bottles. These can be great ideas for making different crafts to decorate your house with. They could also help you in making crafts to give as different gifts to your friends and family members.

One of the easiest and most personal crafts that you could make with small glass bottles is a message in a bottle for a loved one. These would be great for gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, or other personal holidays where you may need to give a gift.

First, you would choose the small glass bottles that were the design you were looking for and the appropriate size. You would then find things that you would like to put into the bottles.small glass bottles

You could put things in it like glitter and sequins. The sequins that you use you need to be relevant to the holiday in which you were making the gift for. You could get little Christmas tree sequins for Christmas and get red and green glitter or even silver if you wished.

You would put these things into the bottle. Next, you would pick out a nice paper that you liked. You would then write something personal on the paper. You could write a poem or just a note to the person. You could either hand write this note or you could print it off onto the paper using your printer. You could even cut the paper into a design or leave it full sized. Cutting it is going to be more feasible for the project though.

After you had finished this you would want to find a way to attach a string to the paper. You could either use a hole puncher or you could poke a hole in the paper using something like a safety pin. The size of the hole will vary on the tie material that you using. You then would want to put the letter into the bottle and have the string to hang out of the bottle. You could either leave the string just hanging or you could wrap it around the top or cork of the bottle and attach it. This way when the bottle was opened the string and the letter would come out for them to read your personal message to them.

This is just one of the many different things that you could make for a gift or decoration out of small glass bottles.

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